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Bright Ideas: How To Light Up Rooms

Bright Ideas: How to Light Up Your Rooms

These clever tricks banish dim interiors and dark corners, and usher natural light into the house.

Most homes have a few gloomy rooms and nooks, but you don't have to stay in the dark. To illuminate a poorly lit home without flicking a single light switch, use a combination of these bright ideas to enjoy an improved result that's like the difference between night and day.

Choose glass-paneled doors. One of the most effective ways to let natural light flood into your home is to use glass-paneled doors. Installing a new window or increasing its size usually requires a permit, but this may not be the case when replacing exterior doors. Whether you like the bold lines of these steel-framed doors or prefer the traditional French doors in the next photo, there is a design to suit every palette and position, both inside...

8 Ways To Up Your Chances Of Buying Your First Home

8 Ways To Up Your Chances Of Buying Your First Home

Between rising prices, tough loan limits, and massive competition among other eager would-be buyers, it can seem like an impossible feat to purchase your first home. Homes in first-time buyer ranges are highly coveted and stories abound of buyers having made offers on numerous homes, only to be shut out time and again by multiple offers that drive prices up and out of their budget. But, there are ways you can put yourself ahead, even if the situation seems desperate.

Work with a good REALTOR®

Everyone has a real estate agent in their neighborhood or in their family or friend group (or all three!). And, while you would undoubtedly love to give business to someone you know and care for, you have to balance your sense of loyalty against your goal. This may not be the time to entrust your financial future to a brand-new...

New Whole Foods Opens January 31st1

Whole foods rendering mjdtms

A rendering of the new store

Whole Foods Market’s University Station store will open at 9 a.m. on Wednesday, Jan. 31, becoming the chain’s second Sarasota location. The 40,000-square-foot store will offer a selection of grab-and-go prepared foods, grocery items, a coffee bar, cold-pressed juice on tap, Amazon lockers for package pickups and returns and Brasserie Honoré, an in-house restaurant serving rotisserie meats and French dishes like steak frites, charcuterie, beer and wine. The store is located at 5298 University Parkway, Sarasota....

Home Prices In Sarasota, FL Market Report For November 2017

Home Prices In Sarasota, FL Market Report For October 2017


The Sarasota Real Estate Market continues to build on October's strength as we move into full season here in the next couple of months.  Expect a slight lull during the holidays, but in January the momentum will really begin to build!


Sales of single family homes increased by 3.3 percent for the same month last year while condo sales increased by 16 percent.  Pending sales increased by 4.5 percent and condo sales increased 21.4 percent year over year.


"Historically, home sales will slow down around this time and will start to pick up again in February or March when season is in full swing," said Xena Vallone, 2017 RASM President.


Inventory levels continue to be far below the six month benchmark for a balanced market between buyers and sellers.  Single family home inventory in Sarasota County decreased by 5.3 percent, and condos increased by 4 percent year over year.  Inventory levels still remain well below the 6 month supply considered a balanced market between buyers and sellers.  We continue to be in a seller's market.


Pending sales have been on the upswing with single family homes increasing by 4.5 percent, and condo  increasing by 21.4 percent.


Cash sales are declining in the market in Sarasota...